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MIL Style RV8

MIL Style RV8 Specs
Precision Series SPR - 1/2 Watt 1/8" shaft diameter

Series SPR/RV8 potentiometers are for PCB applications requiring a rugged potentiometer.
  • hot molded carbon element
  • board washable
  • stainless steel shaft
  • compact size
  • quality meeting or exceeding MIL-R-94 - QPL listed
  • special tapers
  • custom shafts and bushings
  • location tab position
  • customer specified marking
Electrical Specifications

Resistance range, linear taper: 100 to 5 Meg

Resistance range, logarithmic taper: 150 to 1 Meg

Resistance tolerance: ±10% or ±20%

Resistance taper: linear, logarithmic, reverse logarithmic; other tapers by special order

Power rating: 0.5 watts at 70°C derated to 0 watts at 120°C

Insulation resistance:
dry: 10K Meg
wet: 100K Meg

Dielectric strength: 750 V RMS at sea level

Operating voltage: 350 V, subject to power rating

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical rotation: 295°

Operating torque: 0.5 oz/in to 6 oz/in

Rotational life: 25,000 cycles

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature: -65°C to +125°C

Resistance to soldering heat: 350°C for 5 seconds

Humidity range: per MIL-R-94

Vibration range: per MIL-R-94

Shock resistance: per MIL-R-94

Load life: 1000 hours at 70°C

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