1. What are your lead times?

In-stock parts are normally shipped within 2 days. The lead time for manufacturing standard parts is 4 weeks. Specials are normally shipped within 6 weeks, subject to raw material inventories and tooling requirements.

2. What is your minimum order?

Minimum orders are based on many factors, such as material availability, tooling costs and special test requirements. Please consult our customer service desk for further information. (Full phone, fax, and e-mail particulars are given as bottom-of-page displays throughout this site.)

3. Can Precision make potentiometers to customer specifications?

Precision maintains extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We are able to accommodate most customer requirements.

4. What is the difference between mechanical and electrical rotation?

Mechanical rotation is the number of degrees between end stops. Electrical rotation is the mechanical rotation minus the length of the terminal pads.

5. How is life expectancy quantified?

Life expectancy can be expressed either as the number of rotations to failure or as the number of operating hours to failure. These quantities can vary greatly from one application to another.

6. What are the major factors affecting life expectancy?

Life expectancy is affected by operating temperature, humidity, environmental contaminants, vibration, shaft side torque and operating conditions in excess of specifications.

7. What Is the Spec for Tightening Panel Nuts?

10 in-lb for all RV2, RV4 and 2RV7 parts.

5 in-lb for RV5, RV6 and RV8 parts.

8. Are Precision’s Parts ROHS Compliant?

All parts are RoHS compliant.

9. Are Precision’s Parts REACH Compliant?

Most parts are REACH compliant.

10. Do You Stock Parts?

Most parts are built to order but we can stock parts for larger repeat orders.

11. Do You Have a Minimum Order??

The short answer is that we have no minimum order quantity. We will sell you one piece but it could be quite expensive; pricing is based on the cost of manufacturing so for small quantities any setup and other fixed costs are incorporated in the fewer number of parts.

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